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I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on the 19th January 1975. My family and I moved to St-Lambert, Quebec, Canada when I was still young. This is still today my home.

After four years of hard studies, i have finally reached the end of my studying in December 1998, and received my bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Sherbrooke University. But i do plan to move on to a Master's degree. On the professional side, i am mostly interested in computer architecture and the possibility of using optics and supraconductivity in chip design and computer design.

I am particularly interested by optics, microprocessors and computer systems. (by the way I have seven different computer systems at home). By nature, I am very curious, and I always try to understand the underlying functionality of the objects that surround me.

My favorite hobbies are: Magic:The Gathering card game, swimming, chess, programming in assembler and Pascal, 'hardware hacking', reading and long walks in nature. I am a great admirer of J.R.R Tolkein and of TSR products, i also like French literature, even though i have not read much of the classics. Furthermore, I also greatly enjoy model railroading (HO scale), I had to stop this hobby though, due to a lack of space, time and money.

I was part of the Executive Commitee of the Univeristy of Sherbrooke's IEEE Student Branch from Fall 1995 to Fall 1996. I also participated in the first edition of the Silicon Valley project (I am one of the founders of this project) - a visit by students to a technical tour of Silicon Valley, Ca,USA. Furthermore, I was also the instigator of the McNaughton Center project for Sherbrooke University. This project consisted of creating a room for electrical engineering students which are part of the IEEE Student branch. The McNaughton project was completed at the start of 1998.

I am the person who ported the Free Pascal compiler (FPC) to the Motorola 68000 family of processors. Finally was on the administrative committee of the Engineering Student ssociation from January 1998 to April 1998.

I have worked in Canada and in France, mostly in embedded systems design. My work experience in France was particularly interesting.

Regarding my nickname: A few people have asked me where my handle (Black One) comes from. Simple, for those of you who know Dungeons & Dragons well, especially the Greyhawk world setting, there is somewhere on oerth a lush valley surrounded by gigantic mountains. In this valley lives a mage who wishes to live in peace. The name of this mage is Jaram Krimeeah, but the inhabitants of this valley simply call him the Black One. This mage is extremely powerful and does not wish to be disturbed. This is exactly how I think, and since I have always loved mages (when I used to play role-playing games), I decided to take this handle. Of course, this does not mean you should not disturb me, on the contrary any comment would be welcome.

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