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Pascal General file access library


This is a library for reading and writing file streams which are block or chunk based. The interface is very generic and is quite easy to use. The entire library is coded in pascal, and a version using shared libraries and dynamic link libraries will also be available. This permits usage in other language other than pascal.

The code has been tested to work on Freepascal 1.0.10, and Delphi 7.

The library consists of an API which uses callbacks that are called each time a new block of data is read, then the callback can read the data within the data block.

The library currently supports the following file formats:

  • OLE Compound documents
  • Interchange file format (IFF)
  • Resource interchange file format (RIFF/RIFX)
  • OLE2 Microsoft compound documents
  • ID3V2 Metadata streams
  • PNG/MNG data blocks
  • JFIF/SPIFF data blocks (JPEG files)
  • Tagged image file format (TIFF)
  • Extensible markup language (XML)
  • OGG bitstream format
  • Advanced systems format (ASF)
  • Standard generalized markup language (SGML), including HTML


Free software/BSD style-license. For the exact terms of the license, read license.txt included in the package.


Warning: Recompilation of the library requires the portability units that can be found here

Download current version source code (0.8.5) :


You can submit bug reports and view current known bugs on this web page